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  • Stolen Vehicle Recovery

  • Echo Brochure

TRACKER Echo Brochure

TRACKER Echo is a Stolen Vehicle Recovery system aimed specifically at high value car owners, it also offers European coverage aswell as UK wide.

We produced this 8 page 210 x 210mm square gatefold brochure to target the owners of high value cars and alert them to the risk of car theft. It needed to have a premium feel so was printed on a high quality paper stock using metallic silver duotones.

Along with the design and artwork we also had to produce original photography which we then retouched to create the effect that we wanted.

  • Tracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery Echo brochure shadow

    A threatening shadow looms ominously over the bonnet of the porsche

  • Tracker Stolen Vehicle Recovery Echo brochure open

    The 8 page brochure opens up to a full spread explaining how TRACKER Echo works