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  • Liz Earle

  • Colour Complete Product Range Retouching

Liz Earle Colour Range Retouching

With the launch of Liz Earle Colour came a massive range of products that needed to be retouched to ensure they jump off of the page.

As a make up range it was also important to be as accurate as possible with the colour so that customers could see a real representation. This is a difficult thing to translate from digital files to ink on paper as each image is broken down to a 4 colour process.

Working with an accurate digital printer, we were able to test out each colour, for consistency and accuracy. Time consuming, but essential for retouching projects like this.

  • Liz Earle Colour Product Range Retouching make up

    Each product had to be meticulously retouched, not just so that it
    looked great but also to ensure colour accuracy right across the range.