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  • Product Launch Mailer

Glideball Product Launch Mailer

A Master Stroke
Glideball, the portable driving range was developed by the people who brought us Swingball, however this is by no means a kids toy.

Endorsed by the Golf Foundation, Glideball is a serious product made from high quality, durable materials and is designed to help you master your golf swing.

We pastiched the famous Vitruvian Man, a sketch by Leonardo da Vinci depicting the perfectly proportioned man and created some striking imagery that shows a golfer striving for that swing perfection using his Glideball system.

  • Glideball The Portable Driving Range Product Launch Mailer open
  • Glideball The Portable Driving Range mailer infographics

    The mailer is 210 x 210mm square, 6 pages and has a die cut cover.