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Equifax Brochure

How does your garden grow?
Equifax empowers businesses and consumers with information they can trust.

To promote their business database management services we produced a two tier mailing. The first was to deliver a beautiful miniature rose to a select target audience of businesses. The rose came branded and packaged, with a simple care instruction tag, highlighting not only how to look after the rose, but also how Equifax can help you care for your business database.

The second mailing was this 12 page 210 x 210mm square capability brochure that covers the Equifax service offering and credentials. Each spread uses the analogy of taking care of a garden being like taking care of your database. If left untended it will get out of control. However, if cared for your business will reap the rewards.

  • Equifax brochure pruning and tidying spread

    An effective business database needs to be managed, otherwise it’ll grow out of control. This spread
    shows secateurs pruning the growth of a shoot to encourage healthy growth with an upwards trend

  • Equifax brochure sowing the seeds spread

    The Equifax business database is vast and the image of a hand sowing carefully selected seeds
    illustrates the requirement for the best prospects for your business, not just approaching everyone

  • Equifax brochure nurturing growth spread

    Of course, successful growth can only be achieved by carefully nurturing these new prospects

  • Equifax brochure applying knowledge spread

    The green fingers imagery symbolises Equifax’s expertise in business database management

  • Equifax brochure reap the rewards spread

    A beautiful spray of flowers illustrates how your business can reap the rewards of a carefully managed business database