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  • 3M

  • Personal Protection Equipment

  • Brochure Cover Imagery Retouching

3M Personal Protection Equipment Cover Retouching

TheĀ 3M Personal Protection Equipment range offers anything from ear defenders to full face masks. We wanted to create a series of images that focused in on the area to be protected, using a blend of gritty industrial noise and soothing fresh air.

Working with Charlie Ross of Monitoba Photography, we created a set of images of our model that we could use as the foundation of the composition. Each facial shot was carefully retouched to remove any imperfections and blemishes, brightening the eyes and reshaping areas to give us a canvas that we could then blend in sky and industrial imagery to create the finished item.

  • 3M Personal Protection Equipment cover Retouching original shots

    The compositions were created using a blend of original model photography and royalty free photography.